Blogger Tips for Beginners

This time I will try to give some tips on blogging. I think friends are trying to replace the template with a nice template, Well now our job is to post as many articles to our blog. The more the better. Okay here are some tips on blogging ... or let us go .. blog ... :
  1. Choose the right theme for your blog, of course you would most like and that of course you have set when planning a blog. Where we have to write the blog title and description, well that's what I mean.
  2. A good blog is a specific theme / specific example of information technology, about herbal medicine, on the engineering for example. Not too many themes in one blog. Unless personal blog, wrote up what to write.
  3. Writing original articles of their own ideas, if you have no idea terpaksanya, yes copy paste, but the source emang must be written so as not to the manner by aselinya writer. Even better, give links to websites or blogs that are copied.
  4. Do not add accesories that are not useful, usually a beginner bloggers love to put up put up less Acesories useless, like a clock, calendar, funny animation, funny. Useful's just a little useful, yet in the computer also has a clock, calendar already exists, it only makes blogs so heavy when opened visitors. and this is what makes lazy visitors to come back.
  5. Follow adsense can google adsense adsense or Indonesia, too much. It's not a must, but our philosophy's "Time is Money". So why should we blogging for hours, many hours writing, but we did not get anything from our blog, you lose? Unless your blog intended only for fun.
Okay it was a little blogging tips in order to go ... blog ... hopefully useful for those of you who are still beginners. Who had advanced do not read it, like we wrote each other often visited.